February 8th, 2018 marks the initiation of the CMM blockchain. Through simplicity and accessibility, The Commercium development team seeks to remove the learning curve and barrier to entry that has stagnated mass adoption of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Each division of Commercium will simultaneously work to accomplish the platforms Roadmap.
February 8th 2018
Incorporated as an International,
blockchain platform.
Create web plugins and tools for
integration in business and
ecommerce for usability.
Work with Regulators, lawmakers
and organizations to bring
blockchain technologies to the
Recruit developers of all disciplines to
advance the platform and product
Increase accessibility of the
Commercium Blockchain Platform.
Develop and engage with users
and Community Supporters
through educational materials,
activities and events
Roadmap Legend
Administrative Advancement
Technological Advancement
Work with mining pool operators in a
non-financial capacity to develop and
maintain network infrastructure and
Develop easy to use wallet

● Essential income & turnover reporting tools
● Address book
● Addresses (cmm/cmmx)
● Smart Contracts
● Multi-sig Escrow
● Recurring Payments
● Off Chain Transaction Alternative
● Web Plugins and APIs for e-commerce
Actively plan and develop the
secondary, CMMX blockchain, providing
smart contract and data capture
functionalities for business
to business commerce activities.
Deploy CMM and CMMX dual-chain
interoperability through the
Commercium Wallet.
The Commercium team will actively develop business initiatives and use cases, fostering adoption, while simultaneously working with regulators and lawmakers taking the platform into is next five years of development.
Continue to work with legal and regulatory bodies to drive mainstream adoption of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.
Continued focus on Wallet development and business to business features through the CMMX blockchain.
Encourage and support adoption of the Commercium Blockchain Platform use cases by businesses and entrepreneurs.
Accessibility of Commercium Blockchain Technologies through strategic partnerships and regulatory guidance.