Commericum Community Rules and Expectations

Last Revised: 2/27/2018

The Commercium community is a vital and cherished part of our ecosystem - and it is important for us to protect it. As Commercium is developed on several open-invite, public workspaces, anyone is welcome and encouraged to come check out the project.
This is great!

We fully support freedom of speech and the right to an opinion, however the following rules are in place to foster a progressive, productive and safe work environment.

Never attack, threaten, or insult someone or another project
Racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, or anything that could otherwise be construed as ‘hate speech’ or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated
Do not post verbiage/imagery that is violent or offensive in nature (see above)
When using Slack, Discord, or any communication channel use the appropriate/corresponding channels when having discussions. (If you have a question about ‘mining’, post in the ‘mining’ channel and not in ‘marketing’)
Do not spam messages/links/referrals/images of any kind, in any channel
Do not self promote or promote unrelated projects in Commercium spaces
Do not speak on the behalf of someone else without their express permission
If you have a problem/issue with someone or something - handle it in a personal manner - that is, for example; Do not have an argument with someone in the #general channel on Slack/Discord (or equivalent) - speak with that person directly.
Be respectful, and treat others as you wish to be treated
#random is a channel dedicated to non-work, non-commercium related discussion, tasteful tomfoolery is permitted.

We typically will give someone one warning if exhibiting this behavior - although depending on severity/circumstances - we reserve the right to ban anyone on the first offense.

- Commercium Development Team -